We travel the world in search of rare or previously unreleased recordings by legendary artists.
Using our unique restoration process, we bring this priceless heritage back to life.

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All over the world, over the last 70 years, radio and concert hall archives have accumulated thousands of recordings on analogue tapes, among which invaluable treasures have gradually fallen into oblivion.

In order to save this endangered musical heritage and bring these unsuspected nuggets to light, The Lost Recordings has started a race against time and has chosen to publish them, in particular, on the best vinyls that it is possible to manufacture today, in order to make these moments unforgettable.

Thanks to a network of true sound archaeologists, concert memorabilia and archives, The Lost Recordings identifies these musical gems around the world. To reveal every detail of these exceptional recordings, The Lost Recordings is developing a restoration process that is unique in the world - Phœnix Mastering™.

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Phoenix Diagnosis

Once the original tape is found, the diagnosis aims to evaluate the quality of the recording, its possible defects, and the damage suffered by the precious original media. 

Phoenix Rescue

Following the diagnosis, the original tapes are warmed up if necessary before being played back on our own tape recorder, where we align the playback heads, curves and output levels according to each soundtrack.

Phoenix Revival

The Lost Recordings has developed its own processing algorithms for each type of noise. To handle these powerful technologies, an expert ear is essential to release the full dynamic range, and reveal every detail and all the original colors of these priceless recordings.


After two-years of research and development, we launch Marciac Workshop Pressings to press our own vinyl records in this city of the south of France, famous for its Jazz Festival since 1978.

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  1. Lacquer-cuts by Kevin Gray
  2. Certification of the 180g test-pressings in our studio
  3. Stampers every 500 ex maximum
  4. Slow heating and cooling cycles
  5. Tip-on gatefolds crafted in Italy
  6. Unrivaled quality control in Europe

Hailed worldwide for the preservation of this priceless musical heritage and the unmatched quality of its restoration, The Lost Recordings allows the greatest number of people to enjoy these marvels in the best listening conditions, whatever the format.

Vinyl cover The Lost Recordings Claudio Arrau Duke Ellington Szeryng Sarah Vaughan - Live at the Berlin Philarmonie Dizzy Gillespie - Live at singer concert hall Oscar Peterson - Live at the Concertgebouw Blossom Dearie - Lost sessions from the Netherlands Emil Gilels - The unreleased recitals Dave Brubeck - Live at the Kurhaus Sarah Vaughan - Live at Laren Art Blakey - Live in Scheveningen Thelonious Monk - Live in Rotterdam Ella Fitzgerald - Live at the Concertgebouw André Navarra - the Cello